Claire Turner Chats with Curated and Curious

     KnoxVan Events is very pleased to welcome Claire Turner, Costumer to our next episode of Curated & Curious. Claire grew up in Vancouver with a passion for the arts. As a talented writer and theatre maker we were thrilled with the opportunity to chat with her about the importance of balance and working as a part of a team; as well as about her personal passion for costuming and clothing.

     Claire graduated from Capilano University from the Costuming for Stage and Screen Diploma program and currently works as a freelance costumer for many theatre companies in Vancouver including Metro Theatre, United Players and as a part of the staff at Lindbergh Academy. Her experience is continually growing and expanding as she places particular importance on continuing to learn in your craft and create connections with individuals who hold the same interests and passions. She also speaks about the importance of life balance to prevent burnout in an industry that typically hosts long hours with few resources and a small budget.

Video Release on March 25 2023!

Click the Graphic above on March 25th at Noon to watch!

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Costuming Term Glossary

Bodice: Part of a garment which covers the upper part of the 

Corset: Close-fitting boned supporting undergarment that extends from above or beneath the bust to the waist or below the hips.

Costume Parade: Production team reviewing the costumes onstage.

Hem: Fabric turned up on lower edge of a garment or sleeve  to provide a finished edge

Lining: Fabric that is used as the inside surface of a garment

Painter/Dyer: Member of the costume team whose  responsibility is to dye and paint fabric for the construction of costumes, and/or paint and dye finished costumes that need further decoration or distressing

Pulled Costume: Garment that is selected from inventory

Quick Change: Rapid costume switch during a performance, sometimes assisted by a specialized and dedicated crew person
Rehearsal Clothes: Garments used by the performers that have similar characteristics as the costumes that they will be wearing in the production.

Stay: Stiff item inserted into garment to hold a flat shape.

Tailor: Person responsible for final fitting and construction of garments and/or fitted suits.

Tech: to tint an article of clothing to a warmer tone (ie. with a tea bag) or dye towards a cooler tone

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