Flaws to Flourish

A Summer of Self-Discovery
Vodcast Series with Richard

              Welcome to “Flaws to Flourish: A Summer of Self-Discovery,” where Richard takes a deep dive into common character flaws and uncover how to transform them using timeless Biblical wisdom.

              Each episode offers a chance to reflect on our imperfections and learn how to turn them into strengths. From the Criticizer to the Envious, join Richard as he explores what the Bible says about these traits and guides you on a journey of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Be Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak

Episode 3:
The Debater: from Debate to Dialogue

In this episode, Richard explores the Debater’s world, where strong convictions often lead to arguments and poor listening. Join Richard to discover how to become a better listener, remain teachable, and respect differing opinions.

Stay Strong and Steady to Flourish

Episode 2:
The Sensitive: from Sensitive to Resilient

Easily hurt by others? Are you a sensitive type? Join Richard as he explores how to move from being easily offended to becoming resilient and strong. Richard shares some personal stories and tips from the scripture to guide you on this journey.

Are You a CRITIC?

Episode 1:
The Criticizer: “From Abrasive to Appreciative”

In “The Criticizer,” Richard explores how to transform our harsh criticisms into genuine appreciation. This episode delves into the impact of being overly critical and offers biblical tips for fostering empathy and kindness. Tune in to learn how to become more positive and uplifting in your daily interactions!

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