An Epiphany Reflection Vodcast Series with Richard

The vodcast series for the 2024 Epiphany season invites us to envision our faith from fresh perspective as we re-imagine our present circumstances as a church.

It begins with the story of Jesus’ baptism, progressing through significant events like the calling of the disciples, healing of the sick and the Transfiguration. We will explore themes of identity, purpose, authority, expectation, and transformation. Through this journey, we are challenged to reflect on how we can live out our faith in ways that are relevant and transformative in today’s world.

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Trans: The Evolution of Identity

In this vodcast, “Trans: The Evolution of Identity”, join Richard for a humorous exploration of transformation across time and technology. Richard will unravel the threads from the origins of “transgender” and “transsexualism” to the futuristic fantasies of biotech-enhanced humans.

Trans: The Evolution of Identity

“The ‘No Harm’ Deception: Ethical Echoes Beyond ‘Davos Man'”

In this vodcast, Richard revisits the ‘Davos Man’ archetype to probe deeper into the ‘No Harm’ principle, questioning its validity in a connected world. Richard talks about how this seemingly innocuous rule fails to account for the complex web of societal impact that extends from individual choices. Reflecting on the ethical teachings of Jesus, we discuss the moral oversights of the ‘No Harm’ philosophy and its real-world repercussions.

The No Harm Deception

Davos’ Man: A Crisis of Trust

Dive into the world of ‘Davos Man’ Economic Summit where global leaders’ promises meet private excess. This vodcast examines the misuse of power at the Davos summit and its impact on public trust. Richard questions if genuine trust can be rebuilt when actions contradict the narrative of change. let us know YOUR thoughts.

Davos’ Man: A Crisis of Trust

Love in Every Moment : Grand-parenting Beyond Duty

In “Love in Every Moment: Grand-parenting Beyond Duty,” Richard explores the transformative power of love in the everyday acts of grand-parenting. He shares insights from his holiday adventures babysitting his energetic grandchild, offering a fresh perspective on the mundane.

Love In Every Moment

In The Palm of Warmth: Hummingbird Lessons and God’s Care

Richard shares a touching tale of saving a frozen hummingbird and the powerful reminder it brings of God’s nurturing presence in our lives. It’s a simple, feel-good story for anyone needing a little warmth and reassurance during the cold days we all face. Join us for a reminder that we’re all held safely, even in the coldest times.

In The Palm of Warmth: Hummingbird Lessons and God’s Care

JANUS: Looking Backwards and Forward

January (from ‘Ianuarius’) is named after Janus, in Roman Mythology – god of endings and beginnings. This month, marking the start of a new year, embodies the nature of transitions and beginnings.

Roman Mythology JANUS: Looking Backwards and Forward

Happy New Year, Everyone! And Happy New You!

The Bible says, God is making all things new and fresh in Jesus Christ!
God is renewing us, in Jesus Christ!
God wants to renew us in Jesus Christ this year, and beyond.

Happy New Year and Happy New YOU!

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