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     KnoxVan Events is very pleased to welcome Twosistersbc to our next episode of Curated & Curious. Twosistersbc is an art company that focuses on offering original art cards and prints. It is run by two sisters, Tara and Tandis who live locally here in the lower mainland. They speak about starting their business, running it together, what inspires them and working to create art that speaks to people. “Starting out,  we were both unsure of how working together and having a  business together would be. Being sisters growing up in the same household we do share a lot of similarities but we also have different personalities which has helped navigate and be able to delegate different tasks that works with each of our strengths. Throughout growing our business we always try to reflect back on what our goals and values are and make sure we stay in tune with those. Knowing each other so well has helped us work through any challenges we come across.”

     Twosistersbc work with a wide variety of mediums including watercolor, gauche, color pencils, acrylic and oils. For their prints and cards, they mostly use the watercolor and guache as it works best with their style.

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About Twosistersbc

Twosistersbc is comprised of Tandis and Tara – two sisters. Artists who have been painting for most of their lives together and they often continue to paint and create together even now in addition to running Twosistersbc together. Growing up, they moved around often to different countries. As they grew older all of the cultures they got to experience inspired them in many ways. In turn, all these cultures motivate and inspires their art work. You can see a lot of Swedish and Scandinavian reflections in their Christmas collections. The Persian culture, celebrates Spring and solstice, and many of their floral designs are in line with the new season of growth in nature. Twosistersbc has quickly expanded to working with local retail stores as well as creating their own online store. Their work continues to be well received and they are looking forward to continuing to expand.

You can find more information about Twosistersbc and their work through their website twosistersbc dot com or visit their Instagram @twosistersbc.

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