Emmet Cahill’s DANNY BOY

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In conversation with Irish Tenor EMMET CAHILL … September 21, 2017

” I feel I am strongest at the old classical Irish songs.  I’ll be singing “DannyBoy” of course.  It’s one of those songs that has been sung so many times and by so many different artists and it’s such a beautiful song, it’s open to people making it their own.  I bring my own personality to it and certainly I bring my own emotion.  It’s hard to get through it without breaking down.  It’s a very emotional song for me and when I sing it I see the audience reaction.

Everyone has their own special connection to that song.  It’s an eternally beautiful song.  Even if you’ve never been to Ireland people have a connection to “Danny Boy“.   This is an example of what we are trying to do with the album.  We are trying to speak to people and bring out their emotions.  It’s not an album with a list of songs.  There is a lot more depth to it.”

 Emmet Cahill, award-winning Irish tenor and lead singer with the well-renowned Irish music show Celtic Thunder, marks his first solo tour of Canada with a concert here at Knox on October 3rd at 7:30 pm to perform songs from his debut orchestral album “Emmet Cahill’s Ireland

Have a listen to the treat we are in for during his up coming performance at Knox …