The Knox Covenant

Life and Work of the Church: Covenanting with Teams

     In our denomination, we often gather in community to make covenants or promises with each other and with God.

     We are making some special promises of how we will be in community as we move into the work of the building project and development.

Covenant Promises and Questions:
As followers in the Way of Jesus, will you continue to offer your gifts and skills here at Knox with faith and hope?
     We promise, God being our helper!

Will you do your part through daily prayer, personal example and generous support in the coming year?
     We promise, God being our helper!

Will you honour each others’ gifts, leadership, and service to this church family and to the wider church?
     We promise, God being our helper!

Declaration: In the name of our abundantly gracious and Holy God, Wisdom, Guide, Teacher and Inspiration; the self same modelled for us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we pray that it may be so!
And the people said:

     Trusting in God, this promise is one we make together as a congregation to support and sustain us as we navigate our property development and the unknown future in front of us.

The Knox Covenant 

 As followers of Jesus we promise to:
Be kind, generous and forgiving
Pray for our neighbours, our congregation, our leaders and ourselves
Meet each other face to face, being mindful of all we say and do
Grow strong, becoming large in thought, word and deed
Be good stewards of our time, talents and treasure
Participate WHOLEHEARTEDLY in the life of Knox
NOTICE AND EXPECT to meet God in the world
Welcome others, and the ways of others
Grow the circle wider, making a difference in the lives of others
     We PROMISE, God being our helper.

Knox Covenant Symbols

     Many of the Knox teams chose to place symbols in a basket (lined with foundational Jesus fish made at our Mid-Summer Meal) as a way of reminding themselves and the congregation of their team roles and significance.  Here is what went into the basket on Covenanting Sunday.

Stewardship & Social Justice:

  • basket  ~ to help supply others with what they need

Hospitality & Communication:

  • pineapple ~  symbol of hospitality, wealth & giving

Exploring Faith:

  • flashlight ~ lights the way


  • toonie ~ be good stewards of our treasure

Ministry & Personnel:

  •  container for cake ~ cake at the heart of our celebrations/caring


  •  Bible ~ symbol of our faith & statement of faith over centuries

Pastoral Care:

  • prayer shawls dragonfly ~ undaunted nature of life’s ups & downs


  • funnel ~  collects ideas & opinions of the congregation, concentrates & applies them; broadcasts them when funnel becomes a microphone

Building Committee:

  • pipe cleaner fish ~ a constructed item


  • sharp pencil ~ financial acuity of a sharp pencil

Facilities & Property Maintenance:

  • tool belt ~ caring for building & grounds to make a warm and inviting place