The Micah Mandate

Sharon Copeman

Rev. Sharon Copeman
October 18,2020

     Here at Knox, we have acknowledged that the Micah 6:8 Mandate is at the heart of our life as a faith community and congregation.  So as we launch our Stewardship Campaign today, I remind us of that mandate, which invites us to think deeply and prayerfully about this question from the prophet Micah:

What does God require of you
but to do justice, and to love kindness,
and to walk humbly with your God?

Questions for reflection:
●    How are you (as an individual) engaged in the “Micah Mandate” to do justice? To love kindness? To walk humbly with God? Over coffee following worship you might share your stories.
●    How is our Knox congregation engaged in the “Micah Mandate”?  (I’ve begun the list… you will think of many others…)
●    community lunches
●    community space for many programs
●    refugee sponsorship work
●    learning and actions toward a just peace in Israel & Palestine
●    our words and actions as we share life together
●    How is our denomination engaged in the “Micah Mandate”?
●    our Thanksgiving Offering in response to and involvement in the work of the First United Church Mission  (it’s not too late!)
●    involvement in reconciliation work
●    the Advent Peace Box
●    How might our lives, congregation, community and world be any different if we live ever more deeply & mindfully into this mandate?

     During our Stewardship campaign we are invited and challenged to prayerfully consider: What does the “Micah Mandate” require of us here and now, in 2020 and 2021?

Micah Prayer: 

Generous and loving God, you call us to be disciples of your son Jesus and good stewards of your many gifts. 
Open our minds and hearts to a greater awareness and deeper appreciation of your countless blessings. 
Transform us through the power of your Spirit to nurture a stewardship way of life for all our days, marked by celebration of your presence, care for your creation, service to others, and justice seeking
We pray in the name of Christ.