Being Neighbourly

HelloKnox submitted by Helen Overgaard

   Here is a photo I took of Maureen Kinney , taken at her community garden in July.   She was sharing some of her raspberries with me! She has a section which she inherited from her Mother, who tended it for many years.

 Her Mother is credited for obtaining water & water rights from the city ? —-Years ago. It is located on the Arbutus greenway path and there is a new bike/walkway is being well used by many residents.

 The walkway is near 47th Ave and there is even a “little lending library”!  You can take the walkway from waterfront all the way N to Marine Drive.

Quick Facts: Raspberries

  • Raspberries have anti-inflammatory qualities
  • Raspberries have both vitamin A & C which help with eye health
  • Due to containing vitamin A they are also great for boosting your immunity
  • Raspberries contain potassium which can help with blood pressure and muscle cramps
  • Raspberries can be a delicious snack for those with diabetes because they have a low glycemic index