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     KnoxVan Events is very pleased to welcome Chelsey of CRT Creative Space to our next episode of Curated & Curious. Chelsey grew up locally in Richmond BC and always had a passion for the arts. She tells us about how she struggled to pick just one passion; and how through starting her business she realized she could embrace all of her passions in one place while still creating special memories for the clients she works with on each project. She recently opened CRT Creative Space which is a photography and illustration business and has been in high demand from the get go for her stunning line work in her illustration and loving, stylish eye for photography. At Christmas she is popular for her custom re-creations of much loved popular characters onto Christmas tree ornaments.

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Illustration, Photography & Ornaments

About Chelsey

     I am a born and raised Richmond-based artist, eldest of 4 siblings, and a pupper mama to two Alaskan Klee kai’s. I love to create. I feel most fulfilled when my work brings joy to others, and consider it a privilege when others invite me to help capture special moments in their lives. While I have always had a variety of artistic passions, I have struggled to bring focus to only one. While trying to find a way to showcase each of my creative mediums, the idea for CRT Creative Space was born. Through this business I am creating memories through art and ornaments and celebrating life by storytelling through a lens

You can find more information about Chelsey and her work through her website crt creative space dot com and Facebook and Instagram accounts of the same name.

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