Remembrance Day INK Challenge Gallery

     Knox has been inspired by the original Inktober trend and issued a challenge to you, our artists and community, in a slightly different way. We put together 11 prompt words – 1 for each day of November until Remembrance Day. Using each of the prompt words we wanted to see what spark was lit for you. It could be a drawing, a painting, a poem, a photo, a journal entry, calligraphy or any form of art! Take a moment to browse through the Gallery of some of the submissions we received.

Standing among the endless rows of crosses in one of the countless cemeteries in N. France, eyes closed… total silence…. Remembering love and loss.

How incredibly valuable are the freedoms of Speech and Religion, and how dangerous life can become when either are threatened!

Monday, November 1- Remember

To remember the good things keeps me centered in the joyful world I believe exists for us all.

Tuesday, November 2 – November

November is a prelude to winter, which is not my favorite season. But it’s also a time to be thankful (my American side) and remember the good things that make life happy.

Wednesday, November 3 – Poppy

A red poppy reminds me to be thankful for all the safety, wellbeing, and happiness that are mine because of the service of others.

Thursday, November 4 – Military

Our military deserve our respect and thanks, and our support in the changes they are attempting to make in their attitudes and actions to their service partners who may be different from the outdated “norms”.

Friday, November 5 – Flypast

Watching and hearing a fly past is exciting, and uplifting, and honors those it’s planned for and those who can no longer see it.

Saturday, November 6 – Peace

Peace of spirit is a gift we should all pray for, and try to give to others. Peace between people is a gift to strive for daily. Finding peace isn’t easy, but the process of searching oneself for the things that can bring peace is rewarding and enlightening.

Sunday, November 7 – Freedom

Freedom is a huge concept. Freedom to believe in whatever one wants to believe is core, but one doesn’t have the freedom to impose those beliefs on others. Freedom to be oneself without fear, to love who and what one wants, to be safe in one’s space, all are to be prized, fought for, and shared with everyone.

Monday, November 8 – Flanders Field

We all need to remember Flanders Field, and all the other sites of war and death. By remembering, and recognizing the cost of such battles, perhaps we and avoid them in the future. But battles also are reminders that some things are worth fighting for, and believing in, and protecting!

Tuesday, November 9 – Last Post

The Last Post symbolizes to me the ongoing respect that we have for those who have died or been damaged by the horrors of war. It always brings tears, and sends a message of calm, peace, and an ending and moving forward.

Wednesday, November 10 – Veterans

I think there are many kinds of veterans. Some survived terrible injuries to their body, and minds. Some found no hope or relief when they returned home. Some pushed their experiences all into a box and closed it up, hoping it would never re-open. Some are unacknowledged, and some are honored. But whatever their statis, they fought for what they believed in, and should be honored and supported for the battle.

Thursday, November 11 – World

My world is both small, being made up of family, friends, and community, and large, as today things that happens in the larger world affect me. Our battles today don’t yield physically harmed veterans as often, but more and more the battles are mentally taxing and emotionally draining. We fight for concepts like safety for individuals, saving the world from destruction, freedom in its many aspects, and other ideals that aren’t as concrete as protecting a border, but have a huge affect on all of us, as our world has grown more intertwined and interdependent.

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