Remembrance Day Ink Challenge

     For the last few years or so the world has been fascinated with the introduction of Inktober. A yearly artist challenge where artists stretch their imaginations and skill set each day of the month of October inspired by a list of prompts and share their work via Instagram and other social media platforms. The rules are fairly simple:
1) create a drawing, illustration or piece of art inspired by the daily prompt word
2) share it – post it on social media, share and talk about it it with friends and family etc.
3) Repeat once daily until October 31st

Tracy-Lynn Chernaske Illustrating a Digital Poppy Sketch

     Knox has been inspired by the original Inktober trend and is now putting the challenge to you, our artists and community, in a slightly different way. We have put together 11 prompt words – 1 for each day of November until Remembrance Day. Using each of the prompt words below we want to see what spark is lit for you for the words listed below. It could be a drawing, a painting, a poem, a photo, a journal entry, calligraphy or any form of art! The amount of time you take for each piece is completely up to you -it could be a jotting of a word map or a completed painting. If you are so inclined, share your work with us so we can share it with the community and continue the act of Remembrance. Submit your Remembrance Day Ink to:

Prompt Words for November:

Monday, November 1- Remember

Tuesday, November 2 – November

Wednesday, November 3 – Poppy

Thursday, November 4 – Military

Friday, November 5 – Flypast

Saturday, November 6 – Peace

Sunday, November 7 – Freedom

Monday, November 8 – Flanders Field

Tuesday, November 9 – Last Post

Wednesday, November 10 – Veterans

Thursday, November 11 – World

     Feel free to use this list as a starting place or interpret the prompt list the way you as the artist would like to; your art doesn’t have to be a literal interpretation.

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