Syrian Food, Fun & Fellowship

Sharon Copeman

Rev. Sharon Copeman
January 17, 2017

     70 people of all ages gathered to share food and conversation, fun and fellowship… to celebrate the safety and the new friendship building with our new friends from Syria. 

     The food was incredibly delicious!  The mood was joyous!  The atmosphere was warm and welcoming!  The language was the language of love, expressed in both Arabic and English.

Here’s a Snippet of the Reflection delivered by Rev. Sharon at the Pot Luck

Reflection on Epiphany

     As Christians, we are in the season of Epiphany.  Our Epiphany story tells of travellers who come from afar — searching — asking questions — following a star  — seeking one who was unknown to them.  It’s a time when news from afar and local news converge, and lives are changed.  The story includes darkness and sadness and confusion, and also the light of a star, and excitement, and discovery, and wonder.  The ones who come from afar find the place they are seeking, bring gifts, encounter a holy messenger with instructions that change their plans, and they continue their journey by a new route… that leads to light and life.

     In the midst of it all is the Holy One, who is always there for them… and is always here for us… guiding, strengthening, celebrating with us as we share life and love together.  This Holy One is known by many names: God, Allah. This Holy Mystery is the Source of our new life together, and rejoices that we have found each other, and invites us to delight in this new life we share together.

     We are all invited to create an image, a design, a representation of Epiphany on a puzzle piece of paper and then our pieces will be put into their places to create a banner.  It’s combined image will be a surprise, a joyous epiphany for us!