A Buy Less Christmas

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

A Buy Less Christmas

Or so they say. The holiday season is often portrayed as much more idyllic than the frenetic month many experience. With so much to do and not enough time or money to get it all done, it is no wonder that holidays often have many of us feeling stressed – rather than blessed.

Christmas is the time when we often rely on presents to communicate who we are and how we feel about family and friends. Just because you’ve always celebrated the holidays in a certain way, does not mean that you can’t come up with a new way to do something. Perhaps it is time to work on how we can build closer connections with loved ones.

This year: Give gifts from the heart.
Spend time instead of money.
Try to think about what will make memories.

What About…..

  • Collecting some of your favourite books and sharing them
  • Offering your services for cleaning, baking, or organizing photos
  • Making a date to go see a community sports event
  • Planning a Netflix movie marathon watch party
  • Gifting a vintage item that holds special meaning from your life
  • Sharing a collection of your favourite recipes
  • Offering to make and deliver food
  • Registering yourself and your loved one for classes that you can attend together.

Inflation isolation is true for so many Canadians worrying about rent, mortgage costs, especially when you factor in grocery and gas prices. People who never expected to be staying home more to save money, are; they are spending less time socializing or hanging out with friends in order to cut costs. Make this Christmas about connecting – visit, make phone calls, keep in touch and don’t be afraid of a Buy Less Christmas. Some people may be offended by a re-gift or a box of homemade treats but that is their choice. Most will welcome your outreach.

Remember The True Meaning

Let’s be honest. In the midst of the busy Christmas season, it’s easy to forget what Christmas is all about. So when you start to get stressed, and you feel the need to overspend and overdo, come back to the true meaning of Christmas. Because that, my friend, will guide you through this season with a happy heart and sanity. It’s not about the gifts. It’s not about the stuff. Christmas is about something MUCH big