November Worship

November Worship, All Saints Day, Remembrance Day, Reign of Christ

All Saints’ Day, Remembrance Day, Reign of Christ

November 1     All Saints’ Day – Blessed Are

Based on Matthew 5:1-12

     The Beatitudes of Jesus Christ is a standard of lifestyle Jesus expects his followers to live. Jesus promises specific blessings for those who live the way. However, living the Beatitudes would often lead ones to hardship and failures than gaining success and wealth. It is not a path to personal happiness in any worldly sense. There are many sacrifices to pay and little rewards. The Beatitudes lifestyle is not for the weak of faith. But we have Jesus and the saints who have paved the way of the Beatitudes. We can follow their path.

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November 8     Remembrance Sunday

Based on Matthew 25:1-13

      Great plans work as long as things don’t change. But life is a series of unexpected delays, blockages, and detours. The five bridesmaids were prepared for the bridegroom’s late arrival, while the other five were not, and later were locked outside of the wedding celebration (Matthew 25:1-13). They did not prepare for the change of plan. When life strands you and lands you in unexpected places, are you prepared and willing to ditch your plans and step forward in faith and move in a new direction?

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November 15 Parable of the Talents     

Guest Presider & Preacher: Rev. Janice Guthrie

Based on Matthew 25: 14-30

      What are the bags of gold? Is it money, time, talent, skill, resources, truth, responsibilities etc.? What is it that God has entrusted to us in our lives that he expects us to handle well? This is a parable about stewardship. How we as Christians take care of what God has given us to take care of.

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November 22     Reign of Christ Sunday

Based on Matthew 25:31-46

      Jesus says that in the end, when he comes in his glory, he will separate the people from one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. Some will enter the kingdom, and some will not. It is not their good deeds that get them the kingdom: They don’t earn the kingdom: They inherit it: The giver, not the receiver, determine inheritance. There is not the slightest sense that somehow a person, you, I, or anybody could get the inheritance by doing anything. It is a free gift. God’s grace is a free gift from God.

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