Podcasts For the Soul from “The Healers Water”

Readings from the Bible

The Book of Psalms

Psalms read by John Little

     A collection of audio readings of the Psalms as read by the late John Little of Knox United Vancouver

     From doctrine to devotion to praise to prophecy the book of Psalms contains a vast richness within its poetry that encompasses every theme we find in God’s Word.

     Each not only provides the opportunity for us to worship our God, but reveals deep truths about His character, His will for our lives and the future.

Book 1, Psalms 1 to 26

Book 1, 27 ro 41 & Book 2, 42 to 49

Book 2, 49 to 72

Book 3, 73 to 89

Book 4, 90 to 106, Book 5, 107 to 113

Book 5, 113 to 131

Book 5, 131 to 150

     You are invited to share recordings of your favorite stories, poetry and readings. This is a collection of recordings and podcasts that speaks to the soul of Knox’s community. Please use the CONTACT US form if you would like to like to schedule a COVID safe recording session with a Knox Technician utilizing the amazing acoustics of the sanctuary, and our brand new recording equipment.

Reading Poetry

“Lend Me Your Ears” – a community initiate

   “Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power. Poetry is boned with ideas, nerved and blooded with emotions, all held together by the delicate, tough skin of words.” — Paul Engle, article in The New York Times. 

     Many people’s experience with poetry brings to mind stressful classroom experiences, grasping for rhyming words and counting syllables. But, there are a group of those that poetry calls out to. There is a special revere for the classics and perhaps most notably, recently, there is a special call for the modern as well. Images of Amanda Goreman and Shane Koyczan easily float through the mind as their powerful words lead you to faith, thoughtfulness, caution and love.

Pond for Poetry
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A Bay of Nature

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