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Karen Brodie – Video Release Friday
April 30 2021 at Noon

     KnoxVan Events is very pleased to welcome Karen Brodie Designs to our next episode of Curated & Curious. Karen is a fabric artist who works to create wonderfully colourful and intricate patterned liturgical art work in the forms of stoles and banners for altar, vestments and sanctuaries using appliqué.

KnoxVan Events proudly presents Curated & Curious – a virtual art salon style vlog created to highlight local and professional artists.

KnoxVan Events is excited to be a part of the art and artisan communities in an active way and continue to facilitate a dialog between artists, patrons, and the broader community about why artists do what they do. 

Curated & Curious is an opportunity to explore through the artist’s point of view, history, ideas, and techniques and it is particularly exciting to share with you, our patrons, in such an accessible way.

We invite you to explore with us some of the best artists and artisans Vancouver has to offer by clicking any of our episodes listed to the left of this page.

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At Knox, our vision is Engaging Neighbours Through The Arts. We are very excited to use this VIRTUAL VENUE to widen our scope of art as a community and support our neighbourhood while learning and engaging with those who are the masters of their craft.